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Safety in the work place


Job orientations or during beginning training most companies will incorporate safety procedures and practices. In the event these practices are not covered be sure to bring that to the attention of someone who is in charge to be sure they are aware to implement safety training or that it is not being covered in training. One key factor in work place safety is remaining alert, vigilant of yourself and others. Always be aware of your surrounding. Pay attention to your environment, the equipment being used to ensure it is safe, also be aware of the other workers around you. Make sure there is no playing around or unsafe behaviors accruing that could cause you or other people harm. Check to see that floors are dry, free of trash, or obstacles. Make sure all equipment is in good, safe operating condition. Most importantly make sure that you and your coworkers are making sure your work environment is safe. know emergency numbers and contacts.  Know where first aid kits are kept, also always  stay alert, and vigilant while working especially around dangerous materials, machines and equipment. In the event one does find unsafe conditions or faulty equipment, know the proper person, number, or procedure to report the problem to  so that it can be handled properly, in a timely manner.



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