Building a professional Portfolio online


The traditional resume is predicted to go the way of the dinosaurs within the next decade. Employers are predicted to use ones online presences to replace the traditional resume; using sites like linkedin and other professional and social media sites to seek new talent. it is important now more than ever to create a positive online presents, to present ones self to employers and/or potential clients.

Six benefits of creating an online portfolio:

  1. Talent: A persons online portfolio is a great way to highlight ones talents and experience. It shows what one has done and what they are capable of doing; also creating a personal brand or identity.
  2. First Impression: With an increasingly competitive market, a positive first impression is very important. Having a positive and current online will give potential employers or client are able to get a sense of who you are before a first meeting.
  3. Increased Visibility: Having an online presents, a professional portfolio, give one a much larger audience; anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.
  4. Personal Brand identity:  Its now fact that one of the first things companies do after receiving ones resume is to check that persons online presents. by creating ones own online identity you are in control over what companies see when searching you.
  5. Most current information: When building ones online portfolio the user friendly content management system (CMS) allows for easy of updates, changes and additions to your portfolio.
  6. Organization: Having all ones work in one place that can be accessed from any computer that can be accessed around the world centralizes information so it can be organized, easy t find and access.

What should be included in ones online portfolio: 

  1. Work: Make sure your work is well organized into categories putting your bets work first first, as it will be the first work/impression the viewers develop.
  2. About: This section give the reader some background about who you are. Include pictures of yourself and your interests.
  3. Blog: Being a good writer is a great way to increase ones audience; even attract the intended audience for ones needs and talents.
  4. Reviews: Testimonials and references are a valuable to to showcase your work, and experience, to other potential employers or clients.
  5. Contact: The importance and easy of ability for potential clients or employers to contact you is key to a personal portfolio. Make sure to include a contact number and E-mail address, also links to all your social and professional media sites, so potential clients or employers have the ability and easy to contact you.

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