Design Document

Design Document – Site Goals:

mjm09_wireframe_2 (1)My initial design document for my first basic web page will be a simple framework, with basic imperative elements. It will be a basic layout with the capabilities for expansion as I progress in the course, in addition to an example of an initial basic site that can be upgraded, changed and updated over time. This first draft of my page design will include the following basics of a web page. A logo, search field, breadcrumbs, header, navigation system, body content, share buttons, contact info, and a footer.

My plans are to begin with a good base for a basic site with plenty of space and buttons for future expansion to make the site grow asmy skills grow (or as the sites commissioned grows with the bus

iness or organization that it is promoting grows in its needs and abilities. My main goal in this project is to build a strong, yet basic format for a site that has the capabilities to grow and expand with minimal changes to the original layout, by adding navigation for several additional pages to come later.

My personal goals in learning web development is to have the knowledge and capabilities to create and maintain web pages not only to promote my own interests, but possible others as well. I could possible even becoming a wed designer professionally depending on the ability to finance my education and time available…. I enjoy learning. The more skill one possesses the more perceived and probable value a person possesses as well as opening more available options to that person.


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