Computer Languages


There are three types or categories of computer languages. Programming languages like C, C++, C#, and Java, that control the logic and functions of a program. Subsets of programming languages are scripting languages such as Java script, PHP, and SQL. These languages can also be called programming languages, yet more specifically they are known as scripting languages. The third and final set of languages, called markup languages or coding languages, like HTML, and CSS, that are not true programming languages but, presentational languages, that define the structure of a web page.

Languages are either compiled, interpreted or a mixture of the two. Programming languages are compiled whereas, scripting languages can be either compiled or interpreted, with markup language being interpreted. once a coder has learned markup languages like HTML and CSS it is suggested to begin with a useful yet no so difficult to learn programing language like Python that is used in numerous programs and applications. Then once the basic logic is learned it can be applied to more complicated languages such as, Java or the C languages. programming-languages.jpg


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