Web 2.0

The Term “Web 2.0” was first coined by Tim O’Reilly Media in 2004.




Tim Berners-Lee is the creator of Web 1.0 better known as the World Wide Web. The “readable” phase of the WWW. This version was more of an information portal with limited interactions between site and enduser.  In 2004 Web 2.0 the “writable” phase of the WWW was released giving web users more interaction and the emergence of social media.  Web 3.0 the “executable” phase of the WWW is the future of the WWW. Having more interactive services and machine to machine interactions.

Wiki’s is a website that allows users to add update and modify content directly from the web browser. Wikis end up being crated mainly by a collaborative effort of the site visitors.

Nomadicity  or nomadic computing is the effort to further support mobile workers with the use of portable computing devices, and ideally constant access to the internet and data on other computers.

Mash-ups: integrated web pages or applications that complement elements from two or more sources. There are several forms of mashups emerging in web development. In business as well as for social purposes, with application from combining text, data feeds, and video to blogs and social media.

The 2.0 controversy is an interesting and complex one. It is easy to see the benefits of sharing data, performing research or easy of interaction on the web, yet the down side maybe just as easy to make and argument for. The lack of privacy, the loss of identity or just bad information circulating on the web creates its own challenges. In reality there is no stopping technology, it will continue to advance.  It seems the only way to end up on the right side of this controversy is to educate one’s self on current technology and always double check facts when doing research on the web. There are plenty of reputable sites with accurate information. Knowing where and how to find accurate non-biased information is key.


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