My name is Eddie Langan. I graduated from Winter Park high school, joining the military shortly after. I quickly learned that the military lifestyle was not for me, not that I regret the experience. The training, benefits, and life skill that are taught were truly beneficial, even life altering. I would not trade the experience, yet I am pleased that my active duty is now in the past. Once exiting the military I began classes at Valencia College, not really knowing what I wanted to study. I have many interests, plus enjoy learning, so I began taking courses not to graduate, but to learn more about subjects that interested me. I took, business, computer and phycology courses to find my true interests. Ending up with and AA degree and even more educational interests, so I completed an AS in IT to add to my interests and knowledge. Realizing the more i learned the more I understood how little I really knew or how much there is to learn. I am currently working part time and attending Winter Park technical college to increase my knowledge of web development before I return to UCF to complete a Bachelors degree in one of the sciences. I can be contacted at erlangan777@gmail.com.