Web Media


Etiquette or netiquette; web etiquette is the use of prober behavior online. behaving like one would in person; online. The separation of space, a keyboard and monitor is not an excuses for poor behavior. Not only does using poor netiquette make a person appear rude, negative or uneducated at the time but for all time. once the send button is pressed there is no taking that data back.  So think even if its not in the now, think about the future and your online presents as a whole that builds as your online presents does.

When posting or composing an email, be clear and concise. Use proper English, avoid slang and profanity. Be formal when writing professionally, to a professor or employer, using ones proper title, being polite and professional. Check your grammar and spelling; always prof read before sending. Avoid profanity and the us of all caps, it indicate yelling. Avoid over sharing, think about the information you disclose even if emotional at the time. Remember always prof read your work and ask yourself is the post or email necessary, proper, and appropriate.